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More Than Sport's (MTS) will provide basketball services for the Hoop Service Bulldogs teams. Calvin Thompson, Director of Basketball Operations will lead the basketball program. Leagues, tournaments, and clinics as well as an educational segment is available for our youth. Within our mentoring program, we are simply using sports as a vehicle to not only reach out to our at-risk youth but all of our youth, to help get them out and keep them out of the system.

MTS's mission is to engage our youth in meaningful activities that teach life skills necessary for successfully completing tasks and reaching their maximum potential both on and off the court. The program works to enhance each youth's ability to problem solve and work effectively with others through athletics. MTS's instruction fosters enhanced assertiveness, communication skills, confidence, discipline, and teamwork among all its participants.

Participation in MTS is not based upon one's ability to pay or play, but rather on one's commitment to improvement. This commitment spans several levels, including the participants commitment to: self-discipline, hard work, respect for others, teamwork, and helping others achieve their potential. These levels of commitment require participants to look outside themselves and to reach out to others who have less, whether that be less money, less skill, or less confidence.

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These levels of commitment, along with the developmental enrichment offered through the program, result in a better, more well rounded life both on and off the court for our participants. Both the participant and parents must understand and embrace these levels of commitment in order to maximize the benefits of their participation in and effectiveness of MTS.

Our goal is to live our mission every day, during every practice, and at every game. The long-term goals of MTS includes the ability to provide after school care for at risk youth in our community, as well as weekend and summer school opportunities. In addition to our core basketball programs, MTS envisions adding additional sports and activities. These additional programs will allow MTS to reach a wider cross-section of youth in our community, create opportunities to host a unique variety of events, and expand our community impact through enhanced operational and managerial funding.

MTS operates on a year round basis and will look to expand into other areas of the Metro. Our presence in the school creates a positive atmosphere for youth that have no access to the extra-curricular activities commonly enjoyed by youth in other parts of our community. MTS intentionally presses into our community, providing public speaking for schools, teams and other business organizations. We also partner with established charitable organizations collecting and donating auction items for Cancer, Alzheimer's, Diabetes and other worthy causes.

We offer various fundraising opportunities throughout the year such as golf tournaments, sport memorabilia auctions as well as different types of sales. Coach Thompson takes advantage of his personal friends to get items signed for auction. With some photos being in such high demand, we do have some items scanned and sold as reprints. Items are from KU, KSU, Mizzou, Chiefs, Royals, Nascar and more. All sales are final.